Premium Wholesale Furniture at the Best Prices


Premium Wholesale Furniture at the Best Prices

Innovatec Living is a progressive furniture wholesaler that has been in operation for over 20 years. We source our furniture from local and overseas manufacturers, carefully selecting based on craftsmanship and production costs so we can provide a range of quality furniture at affordable prices.

Australian tastes have changed over the years and have certainly become more sophisticated, so it is a challenge to buy furniture that we feel will fulfil a need within the current market but will also remain fashionable in years to come. We talk to our clients and keep an eye on media and the market influencers to help keep our catalogue progressive and fresh.

It is also important for us to stock a unique and beautifully crafted range of furniture so that our clients always consider us a wholesaler that maintains an exciting and contemporary catalogue of products. Our success is their success and fostering strong relationships is core to our business model.